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15 Tips to Showcase Your Home

When you are ready to sell your home, the best thing to do is to try to see your home like a prospective buyer would.  In order to do that, you need to look at the inside and outside with a fresh perspective.  Follow these steps to set the stage for a property that shows great to potential buyers.

1. Let Go of Clutter

When prospective buyers walk through your home, they tend to imagine it as their own. You can help them envision their dream space by presenting a clean, clutter-free environment.


2. Remove Personal Items

Put away family photos, souvenirs, knick-knacks and personal items. These items are special to you, but the prospective buyer wants to envision their own personal items in the space. 


3. Clean, Clear Surfaces

Clear off counters, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, storing away small appliances and miscellaneous personal items. Scrub down the surfaces and perhaps even put out a bouquet of flowers.


4. Create Ease of Movement

Remove and store extra furniture and items to create open areas that promote easy foot traffic through your home.

5. Show Off Storage Space

Clear out closets, basements and garages.  Prospective buyers are always on the lookout for ample storage space. Box up unworn clothes, toys and personal items for storage or charity.

6. Quick Fixes And TLC

Potential buyers will be looking for visual clues that your home is well cared for. How much work a house seems to require will impact the offering prices you receive, so it’s worthwhile to ensure that everything is in good working order.

7. Bathrooms

Ensure all plumbing fixtures are clean and in good working order. Outfit leaky faucets with new washers and clean any visible stains on porcelain fixtures. Replace old, worn shower curtains and bath mats.

8. Doors and Windows

Spray WD40 on all hinges so everything operates smoothly. Have windows cleaned inside and out. Potential buyers will be estimating their energy costs, so fix drafts by re-caulking windows and replace exterior doors if necessary.

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9. Walls and Floors

A fresh coat of paint instantly transforms a space, helping it to look neat, clean, and up-to-date. Always fix obvious wall imperfections like cracks and nail holes, before painting. Steam clean carpets and runners, and repair any chipped or loose floor tiles.

10. Atmosphere

Be mindful of odours left behind by pets and cooking and consider using a room fragrance to neutralize unpleasant scents. Replace light bulbs and add light fixtures in dark hallways, basements, garages and closets.

11. Curb Appeal 

First impressions can be everything. Many people simply drive by a listing and make a decision based on your home’s curb appeal.  Maintaining a neat and attractive exterior to your home will show buyers that you take pride in your property.

12. Landscaping

Ensure that your lawn is well manicured: mowed, watered and void of brown spots.  Consider planting a few bushes and colourful mature flowers.

13. Front Door

Look critically at your front entrance: does the door or porch need a fresh coat of paint?  The little things can make a big difference.  Polish the door handle and invest in a new welcome mat.

14. Front Porch

If it’s spring or summer, plant colourful containers at your entrance. If it’s autumn, rake leaves. During winter, clear the snow and ice from your walkway. Whatever the season, look closely to determine if any repairs are needed.

15. When the Sun Goes Down

Buyers may drive by your home in the evening.  Ensure all outdoor light bulbs are turned on in order to show your home in its best light



If you are considering selling your home and want to discuss how to most effectively showcase it to maximize the selling price, reach out to me.   


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