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Annual Program Beautifying Winnipeg Homes

Winnipeg homeowners facing financial or physical restraints can now apply to have their exterior painted free of charge.

Take Pride Winnipeg’s annual Brush Up Winnipeg program is scheduling large-scale paint days this June and September with the help of corporate volunteer teams.


“Brush Up Winnipeg improves the curb appeal of the entire neighbourhood, and brings a huge smile to the face of the homeowner,” said Tom Ethans, executive director.

“We have seen many homeowners over the years even brought to tears at the sight of their newly painted homes.”

Do you: 

  • Own a home in Winnipeg?

  • Are you a senior or someone with a permanent disability on a fixed income?

  • Not have any assistance from family to help you paint your home's exterior?

  • Is your home a bunglaow or small 1.5 storey?

  • Is your home free from major structural issues?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above, you may be eligible to have the exterior of your home painted at no cost by volunteers as part of the Brush Up Winnipeg program.


Note: If your home is primarily brick or vinyl siding, with only trim to paint, it wouldn't fall under the criteria of the program.  

The Brush Up Winnipeg program has painted 100 homes since its inception in 2006.

For more information visit:

The photo above is an example of a home in the Brush Up Winnipeg program

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